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Growing Hope Globally (formerly FRB) is a grassroots response to world hunger. Through this organization, farmers here in the United States along with others, provide support to thousands of smallholder farmers around the world. Of the 805 million hungry people in the world, about 70% are farmers. With the right support, they would be able to grow enough food for themselves and their families. In our community the Fairfax GHG Growing Project includes farmers who donate crops or livestock, one family grows pumpkins, and others donate cash. Corporate donation of seeds and chemicals helps with expenses. The money earned and donated can be specified towards a particular project or projects. Since beginning its work in 2007, the Fairfax Growing Project has helped communities in Nicaragua, India, Zambia, and Armenia. Each spring a dedication service is held at one of the GHG plots.

To join with the Fairfax GHG Growing Project, start your own project, receive more information, or donate, contact Bob Sefrit at 660-744-3102 or Jon Graves at 660-686-3437. The web site is https://www.growinghopeglobally.org/.

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